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Heather Maddox l 25 years old l open ↘↘

" A true soul mate is a mirror, […] the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.  ”
- Elizabeth Gilbert

Matched with  ↷ —- Carter Maddox

 Calm, cool and collected, you will never see her anything less than her perfectionist self. Heather is a kind, caring woman who can easily be strict if the need arises. Imaginative and dreamy she was raised on fairytales and would tell all the little kids around her the stories that she was told and the ones she woke up, however, despite that the woman has always been more of a realist-never really believing the things she spoke of. Kind to everyone, she has a core of steel that people rarely see because all anyone ever expects from the teenager are sweet smiles. She’s intelligent and can think of 5 scenarios for any given situation if she feels like it but at the same time she’s naive and way too trusting, making her an easy target for anyone who has less than honorable intentions.

Heather was raised by strict parents in a household that was comfortably middle classed. A father who works in the nearest factory and a teacher  mother who had her dreams smashed at an early age, she was raised that the only way to get where you wanted was to act like a princess, but in no shape or form resemble a gold digger. High self esteem was ideal while resembling a girl who only wanted to gain money was not. It was strange for the little girl at first; act the way you see those people act, but at the same time don’t, but she got it eventually. “Ladies can speak their mind, but only if they do so in a pleasant manner for even the most vile words can be forgiven if spoken sweetly with a smile.” A phrase often uttered by her mother, it was also printed on a wall hanging she was given for her tenth birthday and it hangs in her bedroom amongst all the other ‘Princess Rules’ her mother had given her. She lives by those rules. Of course, acting regally means having a good presence and that meant staying up late and occasionally having tutors so that she could gain acceptable grades, and well as joining just about every club that was offered but she never complained even when she felt like she was working her fingers to the bone in an attempt to make a women who never seemed to smile happy.

Over the years, Heather got to the point where she realized she wanted to be nothing more than a care taker, and since there was no need for doctors anymore, she got her chance with her husband Carter. However, as fate would have it, whenever she attempted to be there for him, to get him to let her in, he’d do things that smelled of wanting to push her as far away as possible, even if it meant tossing himself over a cliff in the process. It’s sad really, she knows that there’s something that’s holding him back from the marriage, keeping their home from being the kind that she had always dreamed of having, but as to what it is, she has no clue. Has she angered him in some way? Does he not love her? She can deal with the latter, for at the moment she’s not sure her own feelings for him- after all, how can she love someone who seems to want to have nothing to do with her? She’s all but given up on getting that loving marriage she wants and throws herself into her work and her friends, but she can’t help but feel bad whenever she sees him flirting with every pretty girl when he’ll barely look at her.

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Oh yes :)

Who? :)

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Okie dokie. I'll be waiting.

I’m about to put her up right now.

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When do you think her thing will be up?

I’m working on her now, so she should be up soon.

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Who is Tyler Duval's fc?

It might be Paul Wesley since someone suggested that, but I’m still not quite sure. Is there someone specific you’d like to see as him?

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Awesome sauce. Could you reserve her for me till you get the thing up?

Sure thing, just remember that others may apply.

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Amber Heard as Heather Maddox?

That’s what I was planning :)

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I think Tyler should be Paul Wesley.

Mmm…maybe. I was getting kinda iffy about using him because it can be hard to fill his character but if people are interested I’ll have him as Tyler.

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Oh well okay then

Is…that alright?

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Carter Maddox l 27 years old l open ↘↘

"Man is a knot into which relationships are tied."
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Matched with  ↷ —- Heather Maddox

There is something strange about Carter that has sent people running. Usually rather quiet he has a dark aura about him that seems better suited to shroud a violent wild animal than an average human male. Despite his appearance, he’s lived a rather solitary life, not that he minds in the slightest. A solitary animal in it’s truest definition, when people encroach into his personal space he acts like the animal so many people see him as-tossing threats and his weight with an almost lethal force. Rumors circulate the dark boy-he’s killed, he’s sent 15 people to the hospital in one go, he’s a cannibal, a beast in a mans body- and he’s never done anything to disprove them and no one’s gotten close enough to ask him. No one gets close to him period. However, the few that do know a different side. Actually quite sweet, kind and protective, he’s been hurt enough times in his life to know that if he puts his shieds up and scares everyone away, he wont get hurt again.

Carter didn’t exactly come from a loving home. The only child of parents that hated each others guts, he’d go to sleep each night with angered shouts being his good night wishes. It was well known that both his mother and his father had people on the side, yet how they never got caught by the higher ups continues to confuse Carter and anyone who grew up around him to this day. When he was younger he was outgoing, bright with several admirers then one night his parents told him they were going to go to the store. They never came back, instead completly disappearing and leaving their son behind with no word as to what happened. The next day, once he realized what had happened he became the exact opposite of how he was. At 14, he became more alone than anyone should ever be and when ever someone offered him a hand, Carter would offer a scowl and an obscene gesture. Help is for the weak after all and he is anything but weak. He is strong and fierce and slowly breaking even if he can’t see it himself.

Over ten years later he’s definitely made a name for himself and has completely severed any ties he’s had with anyone with his hair trigger temper and almost permanent scowl. No one bothers to look past his attitude to see his pretty features contorted to hide his loneliness from his self inflicted exile.  He dropped out of the year his parents disappeared and for a while he remained on street corners with nicotine stained fingertips and a bottle wrapped tight in  brown paper bag- no one caring as long as he showed up for work the next day- but eventually he moved on. He’s married now, but he has the feeling that his wife is more scared of him than she’s let on. She’s tried a few times since their wedding day to try and get him to let her in, but he’s yet to let her, causing their relationship to be more strained than ever- and it probably doesn’t help that while he’s out insulting guys, he’s hitting on just about every pretty girl. He thought marriage was supposed to be a unity, but all it is is space between two people and he has no idea how to fix it, even if he wants to. Heather is one of the few people who will always remain with him, and for that he wants to be there for her even if he keeps pushing her away so he doesn’t get hurt.

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